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Free Agents & Small Groups welcome - Players are now able to sign up as individuals or small groups. If you dont have a full team roster we will merge groups and free agents together to make a full team. These teams are sometimes a player or two larger than normal to ensure there is always enough players to field your squad. 

Team or Individual Payments - Captains are not required to pay the cost of a full team. They can create a group and have each player pay their own individual payment directly to the league. Once the group reaches the required roster size, it will be promoted to team status. Teams formed by individual payments may have additional players added if they do not reach official roster size. Official Roster size is listed in the details for each league. Because of this offering all registrations are final and refunds are not available unless we are unable to accomodate the player.  

If your team would like to play with fewer players than a full team your captain must prepay for a full team fee as well. 

If a captain or team would like to have unlimited rosters their captain must prepay for the full team fee at registration.

Unlimited Rosters - If your team would like to to take advantage of unlimited rosters your Captain must prepay for a full team spot and then email joey@unitedfray.com to request additional players. Please note all players must be registered on your roster for safety purposes.

To register a full team follow these steps:

1. Select "Create a new Group or Team" 

2. Select "Prepay for FULL TEAM"  

3. Submit payment 

4. Email: joey@unitedfray.com if you need help or need to request additional players. 




Coed Softball Tuesdays - National Mall/ NY Ave - Social League - Full Team Size: 15
Start Date - Mar 27th.
7 guaranteed games - Top 4 Teams advance to 1 week of Playoff Games.
Games are generally between 6pm and 9pm.

Team Fee: $875-  Individual Fee: $70 / $60 Early Bird
Register HERE