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How can I sign up? 
If you have a team that you would like to enter in one of our leagues, just click “Create a Team” If you want to join a team, just click “Join a Team” or you can email us at   and we can personally set you up with one. 

There is a group of us but not enough for a full team…can we join a team together? Yes! We have individuals looking for teams to join that we could put you with to round out your roster. Sign up individually and put the names of your friends in the comment section so we can keep you together. 

Can a full team pay individually? 
Yes! You will be asked to make a payment as you register online or you can click on the payment tab. You can send payment requests to any and all players on your team. It is up to you how you distribute the fees. All payments must be made prior to the first game. You may also mail a check made payable to: 
Metro Sports Leagues 643 Plantation Blvd. West River, MD 20778 
Please note the team and/or league for which you are registering. 

I just paid $85 to play. What are these fees for? The majority of the money collected goes towards the facility rental. This is DC and real estate is very expensive. We take pride in our locations. We use what we believe are the nicest facilities in the best areas. The old saying goes location location location!! Go to our locations page to learn more about each field/gym. 

Do we need to submit a roster? Yes! Rosters are due prior to your third game of the season. This allows for a team to add players after the first game in case a new player isn’t a good fit or for any reason. Players not on the roster cannot play in the playoffs. 

Can I play on more than 1 team? 
You may play on more than 1 team, but may only play one level above or below your current division. Ex: A competitive player (Division 1) may play on intermediate (Division 2), but not on beginner (Division 3). 

Can our team have guest players? 
Yes. Team are limited to the number of guest players per regular season game (see rules). Although, no guest players during playoffs. 

Where are the games? 
Most all of our fields are metro accessible in Washington, D.C., which makes it easy to get to after work or on the weekend with minimal driving. Check our locations page for addresses and directions. 

What is the difference between the levels of play? 
Competitive (or D1) is for players who have played for years or have a level of play similar to that of college experience. Intermediate (or D2) is for players with a mix of high school and maybe some club level experience, and recreational (or D3) is for players learning the game or who have intermural level experience looking for an even more social/learning environment. 

Do I need to buy a jersey and does it require a number? 
New teams that enter should wear similar color jerseys or shirts. No numbers required. When registering you will have the options to buy shirts should you choose to. Team captain will assign their team a color, which must be worn by all players during the games. Always bring an alternate shirt in the event the referee feels the shirts are conflicting. 

Is my game cancelled today? 
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get up to date info regarding games. You may also call the Weather Line – (301) 583-1111. The weather line will be updated by 4:30pm on days that the weather is in question. If you hear a previous day’s message you can assume games are “on”. 

It is really raining hard. Do we really still play on the turf fields? Yes! The turf fields are “all-weather” fields and we have to play in the rain, cold and wind. When there are thunderstorms the games will need to be paused or cancelled but 90% of the time we will hold games and play through the weather. 

Our game was cancelled midway through because of weather. Do we replay the game? Softball the game is considered official if at least 4 innings were played. Soccer the game is considered official if half time is reached. This is FIFA rules. Volleyball the game will be shortened by the MSL official if weather becomes an issue. For instance the game will be played to 15 or 18 instead of 25 to finish the game and get players out of the weather. 

Our game was cancelled do we make it up? 
We will guarantee two make-up weeks per season. If more than 2 games are canceled for any reason we do reserve the right to run a shortened season. The majority of the time we will run two games an evening to make it so that all games are played. 

Can our team win a prize? 
YES! Teams that win their division can receive one of many prizes such as; discounts towards next season, engraved pint glasses, custom champions’ shirts, or a trophy. 

For any other questions, please email us at   and we will get back to you shortly.